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Since the dawn of time, we’ve been helping clients find meaningful jobs they love. Over the years, we’ve discontinued the use of papyrus, but our principles remain the same: be more awesome.

— Badass Resume Co.

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Resume Writing & Editing

We love to write. It’s one of our favorite things ever. And if it helps you get a job, we go home knowing you’re one step closer to your dreams. So whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or standing on a step-stool reaching for success, earn +5 charisma with our resume writing & editing service.

$179 USD includes:

  • Professionally written resume
  • ATS-compatible formatting
  • Delivered within 5 business days

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(New) Web Resumes

Before the internet was a thing, people used to go to job fairs to collect free keychains and look at cool posters. Now, you can have your very own space-traveling poster that highlights your innumerable skills, boundless ambitions, and tireless pursuit of the next best thing. Sit back, relax and let the jobs find you with a professionally built web resume!

$369 USD includes:

  • Web resume (design and development)
  • 1 year of hosting
  • Domain name reserved for 1 year

“Their timely service and positive attitude was refreshing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a great resume that puts you at the top.”

“Easy to work with and they helped bring my best badass self into the light and onto the page.”

“Loved what you did with the resume. Thank you!”

“I think you have made amazing improvements! The design is tailored and structured and looks like me! It looks great.”

“Very nice work! I like the neat presentation and the wording is active and engaging.”

You decide what greatness means to you...

Be the best you

You decide what greatness means. There’s no shortage of opinions out there, and if you listen to all of them, you’ll never be enough. Be better today than you were yesterday. That’s all that counts. 

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$179 USD includes a professionally written resume, ATS-compatible formatting, and a whole lot of success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Badass?

As a small, passion-driven company, we’re able to offer personalized results that honor you as an individual. Some companies prioritize volume and create hundreds of identical documents each and every day. We prefer to slow down and focus on creating a quality resume that reflects your unique experience and qualifications. This attention to detail improves your chances of landing the perfect opportunity, shortens the time you spend looking for work, and helps you stand out as an exceptional applicant, no matter where life takes you.

Not only that, but we offer:

  • Unlimited revisions – Request as many edits as you’d like before approving your final resume. This means you’ll get an end result you’re fully satisfied with, no compromises.
  • Every order comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If you don’t like the direction your resume is going and would rather work with someone else, let us know and we’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Why use a resume service?

An unbiased perspective can help you identify overlooked potential and draw a more compelling picture of your character and abilities. More often than not, people have difficulty assessing their strengths. No matter how well you know yourself, a professional resume writer will invariably bring additional insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. What may seem like a trivial detail to you, may in fact be an incredibly valuable piece of information that employers are dying to see.

Who can use this service?

We work with students, executives, businesses, healthcare providers, trade workers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to enjoy the benefits of having a great resume. Our clients reside in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and other English-speaking countries around the world.

In short, we work with you – and others like you – who want to make a better life for themselves.

We never limit the number of pages you can submit and keep our pricing structure simple because our goal is to deliver the same level of excellence to each and every client. So wherever you are on your journey, we’ll help you identify your most valuable qualifications and present them in a way that makes the reader say “Wow, I think I found the one…”

How does the writing process work?

Life is complicated. We like to keep things simple:

  • Step 1: Place your order. Check your inbox for a confirmation email and submit your current resume along with any supporting information to hello@badassresume.com.
  • Step 2: We will confirm your order and let you know if we need additional clarification.
  • Step 3: You will receive an updated resume within 5 business days.
  • Step 4: Review your new resume and provide feedback for further revisions (i.e. I really like the wording here…, can we add more detail to this job description, etc).
  • Step 5: We keep working until until everything is just right. Upon final approval, we deliver your new resume as an editable Google Doc and PDF. Other file formats are available upon request.

That’s all there is to it, happy job hunting!

Why do I need a web resume?

Having a website used to be for the creative types, the techies, and the occasional niche blogger sharing recipes for bundt cake on the weekends. Over time, website creation became more accessible and people from all walks of life began carving out their own little corner of the web.

As a hiring manager, receiving a link to a personal website demonstrates professionalism on behalf of the applicant. Web resumes are more convenient and more memorable than a traditional pdf, so they increase your chances of getting noticed and improve your overall impression by making it clear that you can get with the times.

What’s more, almost every employer will Google your name these days. And rather than finding a boring old LinkedIn profile, imagine their surprise when they find your very own website. “How wonderful, how magnificent, how cutting-edge and bold!” they’ll say, right before inviting you to an interview…

What happens after I purchase a web resume?

Easy! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Step 1: We find a great domain name for your site! Our team will send over suggestions based on available urls that fit your name (i.e. anthonyfrancis.com, emilyking.me, etc). Your exact-match url may be unavailable, so be prepared to consider some alternatives. If you like one of our suggestions, great! Otherwise you can explore your options and let us know which one you like best.
  • Step 2: We customize the look and feel of your site. The layout of your web resume will be similar to jack.badassresume.com, but you can customize the images and color palate to suit your preferences. You’re welcome to provide the exact design specifications, or just give us a general sense of what you like (i.e. my favorite color is green and I really love the mountains).
  • Step 3: Once your resume is finalized, we put everything together and send over a link to your brand new website.

Congrats! You now have a web resume that’s 1000 times more interesting and effective than a standard pdf!

Our mission is to cultivate an enduring philosophy of individual greatness. Too much of the world is built on unsustainable models of compromise and exploitation. We want to reverse that trend by helping you bridge the gap between passion and opportunity.